Alouysius' Mochavational Poetry

Note: While haiku are meant to catch the fleeting inspiration created by nature and seasonal changes, as defined in this very helpful link I found, I find that my caretakers find a lot of inspiration in the fleeting chemical changes created by the intake of caffeine. So, please excuse the extremely nontraditional topic of the haiku below. It's all for a good cause! Caretaker Ro came up with the word "mochavation" to describe what Caretaker Jen needed one day when she was extremely decaffeinated, ergo lethargic. Suggestions are welcome! Happy reading, and may you find the mochavation that you need today!

Caffeine streaming in
These surroundings become real
Welcome the new day

A refresher course
Focus on what is needed
Another mocha

Shadows falling now
Maybe one more pick-me-up
Evening refreshes

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