Bear Songs

No Elbows

I have no elbows
I have no elbow grease
I am not a lazy bear
I am a bear of peace
I used to be a white bear
Now I have a very grey fleece
I have no elbows
And now this song will cease!

The Wake-Up Song

Now we sing the wake-up song
We're going to sing it all day long
Until you get up out of bed
And stop being a sleepy-head

(Repeat until target grabs bear and stuffs bear under covers with target)


(Sung more or less to the tune of Alouette)

Rhymes with superstitious
Eats all the fishes
and sings this song.


(sung to the tune of Supercalifragilistic..)

It's the single longest word that rhymes with Alouysius
If you made a pie of it you would call it delicious