Too Cute for Words


I was born in a Market Street, San Francisco, $10 Or Less store, atop a display rack. I was pretty happy there -- people would come by and hug me or point me out, but I didn't have any steady caretakers. Then one day, Jennifer was zooming down market street on foot, when she suddenly came to a screeching halt, came into the store, picked me up, tucked me under an arm, and bought me. Luckily, she didn't put me in a bag; instead, she just gave me a ride on BART to her house. At that point, she was living next door to the UC Theatre in Berkeley -- a room which definitely needed some Bear Necessities. Me, in other words. I was still growing up at that time, mostly sleeping and eating, but I wasn't really all that active. About 5 years later she met her soon-to-be husband Roland, which happily coincided with my more active stage of development. All of the sudden, songs were coming into my head (which I telepathically compel them to sing), and I had a strong desire to see the world. Luckily, Jennifer and Roland both like to travel! While they don't take me everywhere (mostly because I feel the sudden urge to sleep for a weekend, and therefore place subconscious "forget me" suggestions in their heads), I have gotten to see quite a bit outside of the house. While most of the descriptions of these adventures are written from Jennifer's point of view, I (mostly) endorse her version of events.



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